CH. Hillock's Rum Raisin, SDHF, OD
Raisin finished her championship at 10 months of age as did her Grandfather Kazaam.
CH Hillock's Bad As I Wannabe x Hillock's Get Shorty
Hillock's Get Shorty
(10 Points/2 Majors),CD, RA, OAP, OJP, WC, VC

CH Hillock's Meredreme Kazaam x Hillock's Carman Electra

Our Girls
Hillock's Carmen Electra

CH Hillock's Doc Holliday x Hillock's Sydney's Sinful Sundae
Hillock's Annie Oakley
(pointed), CDX, AXJ, OA, RE, CGC, TDI

CH Hillock's Doc Holliday x Hillock's Sydney's Sinful Sundae
Champion Hillock's Once Upon A Time

CH Hillock's The Very Best Thing x Hillock's Carmen Electra
Kristil N' Hillock's Wrigleyfield

CH Hillock's Double Trouble CD, MH, WCX, DDHF, SDHF
CH Sunnyglen Kristil Liberty
CH. Hillock's All Star Survivor, OD

CH Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam
CH. Hillock's She Got A Way, SDHF
CH Hillock's Magic Mint

CH Hillock's Bad As I Wannabe
CH Hillock's All Star Survivor
"Phisher" at 6 months old

CH Hillock's Gone Phishin
CH. Hillock's Doc Holiday X CH. Hillock's All Star Survivor

Hillock's Dry Martini With An Olive
CH Hillock Honeybear's Purple Pizzazz X Hillock's Nifty Shiftin'


Hillock's Makin' Music   
CH. Hillock's Bad as I wannabe X Hillock's Get Shorty CD,RA,OAP,OJP

CH. Hillock's Sea Wynde

First show at 6 months old

CH. Hillock Honeybear's Purple Pizzazz x CH Hillock's Rum Raisin, SDHF
"Abra" at 6 months old

Hillock’s Abrakadabra
CH Hillock Honeybear’s Purple Pizzazz
X CH Hillock Meredreme Sweet Dyna,UD,AX,AXJ

Hillock's Parrot Bay

Hillock's Parrot Bay

CH. Hillock Honeybear's Purple Pizzazz X CH. Hillock's Rum Raisin, SDHF

Hillock's Apple Martini
CH Monogram's Bada Bing X CH. Hillock's Rum Raisin  pictured at 5 months

Hillock's Rowdy Roddy Piper CD,BN,RAE

CH. Pebwin
X Kristil N'Hillock's Wrigleyfield

CH. Hillock's Ebbets Field

CH Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam, OS
Kristil N' Hillock's Wrigleyfield

pictured winning Best of Breed from the 9 - 12  puppy class over 7 specials for a 3 point major !
Hillock's Caddyshack

CH. Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam,OS
Hillock's Rowdy Roddy Piper, CD,BN,RAE 

Hillock's Blondie
CH. Hillock's Cheeseburger In Paridise X CH Hillock's Rum Raisin, SDHF, OD


Hillock's I've Got a Secret

CH. Hillock's Cheeseberger In Paradise   X   CH. Hillock's Magic Mint

BIS BISS AM CH. Bonacres

Sherwood Fourrest, OS, SDHF  X   BISS GCH Hillock's Sea Wynde

Hillock's Mayflower Madam

CH. Hillock's Bugsy Siegel

CH. Hillock's Ebbets Field, BN, RN, CA

Golden Retrievers - Ligonier, PA 
Hillock Golden Retrievers
Tammy Tomlinson
232 Hummingbird  Lane
Ligonier, PA 15658
Champion Golden Retrievers - Ligonier, PA
Champion Hillock's Mercedes

Tangleloft Hillock's Melborne x Hillock's Curtin Call

Hillock's Makers Mark
CH. Sandpiper's Pursuit of Happiness BISS
GCH CH Hillock's Sea Wynde, BISS

CH. Hillock's Lil Firecracker AX,AXJ,NF

GCH Hillock Honeybear's Purple Pizzazz, SDHF, OS
X    Hillock's Apple Martini

CH Hillock's Something's Got To Give    (pointed)

CH. Hillock's Johnnie Walker    X      CH Hillock's Blondie

CH. Hillock's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes   

CH. Hillock's Johnnie Walker     X      CH. Hillock's Blondie